our happy clients

James W.

They were friendly, courteous and very through. I feel that the job he provided was worth every penny. Great job Frank. And Diane was very knowledgeable and courteous. When you feel confident about the person who is lining up everything it gives you confidence that you are going to get quality work. Thanks again for a great job experience.

Kenny R.

Frank did a great job on my house. I had him pressure wash the house(two story), two porches and my driveway. He went the extra mile and took care of my sidewalk as well since we live on a corner lot. Everything looks great! Thank you sir for your meticulous effort in making my house look great again!

Andy M.

House looks great, driveway looks brand new. The have modern equipment and supplied the soap/wash solution that coated the house thoroughly and didn t leave my windows with streaks. He was professional, approachable & didn t disturb my plants and pine straw. I would hire them again.

Lindsay P.

He really went above and beyond and took his time to make sure everything was off of my porch. His customer service was excellent and I was very happy!

Samuel L.

Promptly arrived when scheduled and texted to let me know they were on the way. Attention to detail was first rate. Package included the house, patio, driveway, and sidewalk. Amazing value you for the work done.

Karen W.

The gentleman was prompt and very polite. He cleaned my house better than anyone had before. He got stains off my sidewalk that had been there three years!

Paulette R.

I appreciated the prompt response to my call, in addition to professionalism displayed by the technician-Mr. Berry. Diane was my point of contact and she was extremely professional and kept me well informed, which kept me happy and relaxed, because I felt that they could be trusted. With everything going on in the world, this company and their service did not disappoint. I highly recommend them and will definitely keep them on my radar!

Ankit S.

Great experience with Chief s Pressure Washing. We hired them after having a terrible experience with Modern Wash. Berry finished the job in 3-4hrs. Did an amazing job. Our neighbors asked us in the evening who did our pressure washing as the difference in quality was evident. Thank you for the great service. 🙏

Kimberley W.

Mr. Berry was very prompt and professional. He enjoys what he does and does a great job at it. He pressure washed all exterior including back patio front porch and driveway. It even smells clean outside. Also, Mrs. Diane was very professional with helping getting all my information together and what we were looking for. Thank You so much.

Pauline C.

A great overall job front & back! Mr. Berry was also very accommodating in our requests for specific areas. I would recommend him & have him back again!

Holly M.

When they say 8am, they mean 8am, not 9 or 10. They call ahead, are courteous, friendly and very good helpful. I will be using them again.

Darlene R.

They were awesome, professional. On the job as scheduled and did more than I expected for the money. GREAT VAULE