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Four Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Home This Spring

It is hard enough to believe that the holidays are far behind us, much less that spring has already made its way to the area!

It is hard enough to believe that the holidays are far behind us, much less that spring has already made its way to the area! With spring comes a renewed desire to upgrade, clean out, and make new, and that really starts at the curb. If you want to get back on the home maintenance bandwagon, protect the equity you have in your home, and extend the lifespan of your outdoor materials, then pressure washing in Ladson, SC is a must! These are just a few good reasons to have your home pressure washed today!

Increase Air Quality

With spring in the South comes pollen! All you have to do is look at the state of your car to know that spring is here. Pollen is comparable to snow in the North – it leaves quite a mess. When the warmer air rushes in, our natural tendency is to open the windows up and air things out. But before you do that, get your windows and screens cleaned. If you don’t pressure wash your windows and sills ahead of time, the only thing you will do by opening the windows wide is reduce the air quality in your home. All the allergens sitting unaddressed will make their way into your ductwork and wreak havoc on your allergies!

Curbside More Appealing

The very first thing people see when they visit your home is the exterior of it. Often, we spend so much time cleaning for guests on the inside, that we forget what makes the biggest impression. Pressure washing your home this spring will welcome company with a pleasant appeal and a fresh entryway, which will do wonders for the impression that they live with after your visit!

Slick Sidewalks and Driveways

Not only are the sidewalk and driveway the first impression that you make on passersby and guests alike; it is important to keep them clear for safety. If you allow algae, dirt, and mold to build up, they can create slippery conditions. If someone gets hurt on your property, the cost can befall you as the homeowner. Also, you don’t want to risk having a friend or family member get hurt – that would not make for a good visit! Pressure washing gets everything from roofs to driveways and everything in between clean!

Siding Renewal

The most common reason that homeowners choose siding is that it is very low-maintenance, but that does not mean it’s completely maintenance-free. Over time, algae and mold can start to grow on the exterior of your home, reducing its aesthetic appearance and predisposing it to damage. Pressure washing your exterior is a great way to keep it looking great and reduce costly siding repair costs.

As we quickly roll into spring, now is an excellent time to have your home pressure washed. It is an affordable way to protect the equity you have in your home while making the best curbside impression possible. At Chiefs Pressure Washing, we have the experience and industry knowledge to make sure that your exterior surfaces are as clean as can be. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for pressure washing in Ladson, SC!